A Professional service to help you Buy or Sell your Business
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  • Gathering Data about your business
  • Valuation of your business
  • Exclusive representation Agreement
  • Qualifying buyers
  • Confidential Profile
  • Offering Memorandum
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Negotiation
  • Financing
  • Lease Agreement
  • Due diligence
  • Escrow requirements
  • Inventory
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Work in progress
Each area is important individually; by managing them collectively is among the
most important considerations in our client’s overall financial success.
Selling a business can be a trying, confusing and an expensive experience.
We can help you  to achieve your goals and  do so in a manner that cost as little as possible
in the most confidential manner.
How far ahead do I have to start preparing my business for sell?
-        Three years before you actually start interviewing a broker to represent you,
Because buyers always want at least three years of financial,
To prove to themselves that they are making the right decision to give you their money.

What needs to be done to present this business to the buyer?
-        Confidential Offering Memorandum
-        Qualify interested buyers
-        Negotiating for the best deal structure

How much do you think your business is worth?
-      Fair Market value
    In-Place & In-use
    Liquidation : Orderly / forced

How long do you think it will take to sell this business?
If we allocate one month (20 working days) for each stage:
- collect data for valuation
- prepare confidential offering memorandum
- meet with interested parties
- obtain a letter of intent
- Negotiation
- Due diligence
- Purchase Agreement
- Negotiation / Attorneys / standard forms
- Due diligence / financial institution
- Escrow process / government regulations / Landlord
It takes about 10 months to complete a
smooth transaction.

What are 5 benefits to buy this business?
Buyer’s objections
-        Risk of hard earned capital (current business trending)
-        No more Safety net (insurance, retirement, vacation, sick days off…)
-        Good will for one month only (customers has one time to change their mind)
-        May be I should start fresh, instead of buying outdated technology, and customer lists!
-        Why am I buying a 24 hours job? (122 paid days off vs. NONE)
-        How much additional working capital is required to make this business grow again?
-        How viable is this operation in this new environment of competition and technology?
-        How long will it take / will I be able to collect those account receivables?
-        Why am I buying obsolete inventory (not turning current inventory)
-        Add necessary employees (more cost) / lay off non productive employees
-        Realistic chance to transfer customer & Vendor relationship
-        Realistic chance to be successful with this investment
-        What is a better opportunities in the market place?

The good new is: with your realistic expectations & cooperation,
                    we know how to GET THIS DONE.
What ever form of ownership transfer
(ESOP, Merger, Management buy out, Partnership transfer, Acquisition), etc
will follow a step by step guide line: