About Business Brokers Network (1981)

BBN is the leader in the growing and dynamic
business brokerage industry by providing
its team of professional brokers with tried and true tools
and methodologies to help buyers and sellers
get businesses sold.  In addition, BBN offers its Affiliate
Brokers the most advanced technology to manage
our offerings and buyers, to generate
professional reports,
and to outperform the competition.  

Sellers benefit from BBN
A business owner can benefit from working with a BBN
Broker, because BBN Brokers have the training, tools and
experience to deliver qualified buyers with a sincere
interest in buying a business.

Buyers benefit from BBN
Someone looking to buy a business can benefit from
consulting a BBN Broker, because BBN Brokers
understand that buyers buy “cash flow”, economic
performance and equity. Therefore, BBN Brokers focus on
offering profitable businesses for sale.
Business for Sale
Selling Process
Buying Process
Qualified Buyers
What can we do for you ?

As Business Brokers we help Owners transfer ownership.

We do this by total wealth management approach.

Establish fair market value for your business.

Financial planning:
Tax planning for you and your company

Presenting to Buyers:
Presenting your business confidentially
to the qualified buyers
(partners, employees, competitors, investors.)

Negotiating the deal:
we work with attorneys, accountants and advisers of
both sides to negotiate the best deal for you.
While all advisers have your best interest at heart,
your business broker is the only one who has the same
ratio of interest and knowledge in the whole deal  
as you do.

We can introduce financing source that
is needed to complete the deal.

We coordinate Due diligence process
and escrow requirements.

Each area is important individually;
by managing them all collectively is one of the most
important considerations in your
overall financial success.

Ownership transfer is a long process,
we are here with you every step of the way.

Get things started today

by calling 626-572-6990
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Owner: Patsy Chan
e-mail : patsychan@LosAngelesBrokers.US

Patsy Chan, President of Fairmate Inc. (1991)
She offer her experience to market your business,
by creating competition for your business,
negotiating and structuring the optimum price
for the business opportunity.

Fairmate Inc. use a total wealth management approach.
Each area is important individually; by managing them
collectively is among the most important considerations in
your overall financial success.

Fairmate Inc. President, Patsy Chan, Broker, has been
awarded the FRS designation (Financial Recasting
Specialist) by BBN, Business Brokers Network, the largest
North America Merger and Acquisition Brokerage
Network, has a wide variety of backgrounds and extensive
experience in transferring variety of industries: light
Manufacturing, Recycling, Distribution, Transport,
Aerospace, Technology, Communication, Games, Human
Resources, Car Rental, Health services, Insurance service,
Construction, etc...

Fairmate Inc. President, Patsy Chan, has been awarded
the CMEA designation (Certified Machinery/ Equipment
Appraiser) by the NEBB Institute All appraisal reports are
not created equal. Fairmate Inc. will deliver a
comprehensive and detailed Certified Appraisal Report
consistent with the ethics and guidelines and dated By the
Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
(USPAP). You can expect to receive an accurate,
irrefutable, defensible, and descriptive Report that
includes photographs, model and serial numbers, and
other descriptive information that will withstand scrutiny.
Our assignment of value is based on extensive research,
personal inspection, and contact with manufacturers and
suppliers to determine what your items are really worth.

Fairmate Inc. President, Patsy Chan, CSFP  Chartered
Senior Financial Planner, understands all the pieces of your
total financial picture; how they fit together, when to make
the right moves, and help you to determine what is the
right process for you. Knowing all the choices available for
you will makes a difference in your overall financial

Fairmate Inc. provide our clients the marketing and
financial expertise they expect while maintaining the
highest level of professionalism, integrity and

Get things started today by calling 626-673-5344

Ms. Chan understands that Selling and buying a business is
one of the most important decisions
you are ever likely to make.
Working with professionals can help you
achieve your goals so much sooner...

So get things started by calling
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Professional Merger & Acquisition Brokerage

To Be Our Best

The Golden Rule always applies.
(One of the VERY few “always” in life.)
When we are representing one party as their agent —
a Seller, a Buyer, or any other client,
our obligation to protect and promote our Client’s interest
is primary, but this does not relieve us from
our obligation to treat all parties honestly.
Our obligation to the non-agency parties is to treat them
fairly and honestly, and avoid misrepresentation or
omission of pertinent facts related to a property or
transaction that could adversely affect the parties.
We do not knowingly mislead a prospective seller as to
the market value of his business just to get a listing or fee.
This harms our client and the reputation of our industry,
and certainly violates any ethical codes calling for
honesty in our professional dealings.

Our integrity should never take a back seat to a financial
objective, even if this means saying
“No” to a prospective client or
a situation we know is illegal or immoral.
We owe that to ourself and everyone else.

We want to work with happy and profitable business
owners for a long time, so we stay Fair and Honest.

We put it in Writing. Verbal agreements have no place in
business. While some verbal agreements may be in fact
legal, most will not be enforceable. Even honest people
who intend to abide by their agreements
are subject to the frailty of human memory.
Misunderstandings are the frequent outcome of verbal
agreements. For the best interests of everyone involved,
and to ensure that we are seen as professional,
put it in writing.

Treat Others As We Would Want to Be Treated.
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